Faith Stepping Stones

Faith Stepping Stones

Faith stepping stones is a family ministry program that recognizes critical faith development stages in a child’s life. It provides faith-based parenting education from baptism to graduation through a series of seven stepping stones. At these seven critical stages we, as the body of Christ, come alongside parents to offer teaching, support, and encouragement.


Stepping Stone #1 – Stepping into God’s Family- (Baptism)

We believe the Holy Spirit works through the waters of Baptism to create faith in the hearts of a person as they continue to grow through God’s Word.

In the first stepping stone, you and your child’s sponsors make a commitment to raise your child in faith, surrounded by a community of believers.

Baptism (1)

Stepping Stone #2 – Stepping into Learning (Start of Sunday School)

When your child is three, you renew your commitment to nurture your child’s faith through Sunday School.

Baptism (2)

Stepping Stone #3 – Stepping into the Word (First Bible)

We believe the Holy Spirit continues to work in a person’s heart through the teaching of God’s Word so that their faith continues to grow.

In the third stepping stone, you and your third grader will learn how the salvation story is woven through the Bible. At the end, you’ll give your child a Bible during a special ceremony in worship.

Baptism (3)

Stepping Stone #4 – Stepping Up to the Altar (First Communion)

As your child grows in their faith, they’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Holy Communion starting in sixth grade. You’ll join your child for a special class during Lent. Afterward, you can discuss if it’s the right time for your child to take their first communion on Maundy Thursday.

Baptism (4)

Stepping Stone #5 – Confirmation

Your child will be in Confirmation throughout grades seven to eight–some of the most formative in your child’s life! During this time, your child has a chance to explore their own faith and make it their own, not just one that’s been passed down.

Baptism (8)

Stepping Stone #6 – Affirmation of Faith

Once your child finishes confirmation, they have a chance to stand up and make a public confession of their faith in Jesus and their commitment to follow Him for the rest of their life. You and your child’s baptismal sponsors join the pastor to speak a word of blessing over your child.

Baptism (7)

Stepping Stone #7 – Graduation

Your youth has reached their final year of high school! Before graduation, you and your youth come together for a class to talk about how they will continue to live out their faith wherever they go. The class ends with a special blessing of graduating seniors during worship, followed by a special breakfast.