Sunday, September 13, 2020 Forgive Freely

Forgive Freely-Genesis 50:1-12 & Matthew 18:21-35

How many times should we forgive others? 70 x7 times! How do we do this? At times, it’s hard to forgive others. Forgiveness is more than a feeling. It takes prayer and help from God.

Ask God to bless that person. Ask God for forgiveness for yourself. Ask God to make your forgiveness just like God’s forgiveness. Ask God to change your heart towards that person.

1. Forgive like Joseph did in our Old Testament reading

2. Forgive like Peter was told to by Jesus 3 in Matthew.

3. Forgive like Jesus did on the cross for all humankind

With God’s help forgiveness is possible!


  1. Hi, A very good service as every week. Enjoyed all it thanks for coming into my Home. I’m so lucky I can get it until I feel safe enough to come to the service in person. Well you all have a great week and well be with you next week in sperit. Love you all. Karen.

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